ViewSonic VSD241 hands on you want an all in one with Android you got it

ViewSonic VSD241 hands-on: you want an all-in-one with Android, you got it
The ViewSonic VSD241 is obviously a romantically named device, but there is more that you’d think beneath the surface. This is not just any 24-inch monitor, but one pre-loaded with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

It is one of many here at MWC, and it features a 24” IPS panel with multi-touch support, a quad-core Nvidia chip and MHL connectivity. That makes it a relatively affordable all-in-one, albeit with limited performance capabilities.

You can easily hook up a mouse and keyboard, and try and use Android on a daily basis instead of the more traditional Windows, OS X or even Linux. It’d be a limited choice, but it’s definitely an interesting option that many users without high demands will like.

source: ViewSonic

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